Learn how to create a system for attracting clients to paid consultations using an automated Instagram Direct funnel

If they don't buy from you on free consultations, use paid ones instead.

"Oh, yes! Who will come to me for a paid consultation? If they don't show up for free..."

"It's easy for you to say. You have an audience, subscribers, brand, etc. It won't work in my case."

If you have such objections in your head, then they are justified, and I will not argue with them. The presence of a database greatly simplifies the process of finding customers. 

But, what do you do if there is no warm audience, and people don't buy from you on free consultations?

I'm not going to waste your time telling you about the  pain-points related to selling with free consultations. Wasting money, time, burnout, and other symptoms are already known to you. Let's get right to the solution.

I have been dealing with funnels in messengers since 2017 and have tried a lot during this time. 

Most of my attempts to create a flow of clients for paid sessions have failed. When people first saw my advertisement on the internet, even with good ad copy, they were still not ready to pay. The audience was cold, and the applications were of poor quality. It took so much time, energy, and didn't get the desired results.

Then, I tried to go the other way and completely redesigned the way to attract an audience. Now, I conduct paid selling consultations. It's nice to work with such an audience, and the conversion in subsequent payments is from 30% - 40%.

Do you want me to show you how this process works for me and how you can simulate it?

Let's do it together during a 60-min Zoom call.

Here is your result:

  1. You will get an algorithm for creating an offer for paid consultations with examples for your niche.

    You will learn how to create such an offer that the audience would want to pay for a meeting with you, even if they have never heard of you.

    I will guide you through a special process, and we will  create a desirable, non-competitive offer for your paid, selling consultation.

  2. We will create a Instagram funnel based on the proven template together

    I will show you how my multi-channel funnel works.

     collects a list into different messengers and automatically gives applications for paid consultations. Moreover, I will walk you through the process of creating your own Instagram or Facebook Messenger funnel.

    As a result, you will have a written offer for your paid consultation and a working Instagram funnel.

Immediately after the call, you will receive a recording, and with its help, you will be able to repeat the process yourself in the future.

How much can such a goodie cost?

I don't usually sell my consultations, but if they ask me for one, it will cost you from $900.

And, I'm not writing this to brag or show off.

It just doesn't make sense to sell cheaper in my marketing field.

Otherwise, people will buy my trainings and workshops less.

I am currently testing a new offer, and as part of this experiment, working on your funnel of paid consultations will cost not $900, not even $500, not $499, and not... (and so on, so forth).

Buckle up.

It's only $29.

Well, to make my offer even better, I will give you two bonuses that will make my offer even stronger.

King Bonus No 1.
I will show you how you can use the service to create chatbots for free for the next 5 months.

King Bonus No 2.
Step-by-step guide for creating videos with stylish subtitles. With it, you can do it for them for free instead of paying someone from $10-15 apiece.

Double guarantee.

And, in order for my offer to blow your mind and you have no doubt, I give you a double guarantee. If after the meeting you are not satisfied with the result, then I will refund you the $29 that you paid and plus I will give you another $29 on top for the time spent. 

Either you are completely satisfied with the result or you get 2 times more money than you paid.


Where is the catch here?

I have super limited time for personal work (especially at this price) and two places will be available this week. If they are busy, then you can sign up for the waiting list if my offer will still be available. 

So, if you want to apply and create a flow of applications for paid consultations 

click the button below and answer a few questions so I can tell you if the consultation will be helpful.

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